Detection of Underground assets using RFID technology

Product Details

An Passive RFID tag will be attached with Fiber Closures.

During the time of installation of Fiber Closures in the manhole, the Fiber Closure will be scanned with an GPS integrated RFID reader.

This process will assign an id and store the details (customer identification number, etc) along with geographical details into the RFID tag and also on the system’s database.

  RFID System
  • During the time of maintenance / repair work of the Fiber Closure in the manhole, the service man has to scanned the Closures with the RFID reader.

  • The details of the Closures, stored in an RFID tag would appear on the screen connected to an RFID reader, which will help in identifying the particular Closure.

  • Using RFID technology will save time and money in searching for the particular Closure.

  • The Tags have been custom designed to specifically suit “Buried Inventory” since regular UHF tags do not serve the purpose.

  • The design is the IP of our joint collaboration.

  • Active tags provides longer distance readings compared to passive tags, but identifying a particular active tags is not possible since all the active tags in the radius of the reader are been read. Passive tags are read only which are nearer to the RFID reader, which serves the purpose of identifying a particular Closure.

  • One of the biggest benefits that the use of RFID technology can bring, is that it can reduce the time required for actual tracking of Fiber Closures in a manhole and also reduces the level of skill requirements of the operatives.

  • Once the locations are Geo Mapped, user can search the Closure’s location and number of Closures installed through digitized maps such as Google Maps.

  • Homing-in on the exact location can still happen using the RFID Reader and Tags.

  • Saves 90% of time for stock taking & enhance the accuracy of your inventory.

  • Modified Passive tags implemented on the Closure will work unless the tags are been tampered.

  • Very less maintenance compared with Active RFID Technology.

  • This system can also be integrated with an EMS and Zero Maintenance

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