RFID Based School Management System

Product Details

The RFID Based School Management System is an end-to-end solution for the schools, which is designed to manage the staff and students day to today activity.

The system facilitates automates the staff works and allows the multiple work at time, The system that updates parents on attendance and sends alerts in real time when students reaches and leaves from school. All of which tremendously improves the efficiency of the school management process. and Saves time and effort & eliminates need for maintaining lengthy attendance registers. This system provides a quick access to registration and admissions details and staff details etc activity. The system also helps to track the of the buses and students using GPS technology.

Features of School Management System

Registration & Admissions

This module comprises of registration of a Student with information like Personal details, Family (Guardian) details , Contacts, Medical, Sports etc.

Academic Records

The Academic Records module Store all the academic records of the students. Marks cards are sent as an SMS to the parents.

Student & Staff Attendance

This module will register the entry and exit of the students and the staff at the entrance of the school and initiate an SMS informing parents about the arrival and departure of their children.

Fee Management

This facilitates calculate of fees with an option for online payment of fees.

Inventory Management

This maintains a record of purchases and sales of all the assets and other item of a particular organization.

Payroll Management

Payroll management will process the salary by considering the attendance registered by the RFID system of each staff and provide details of the same.


The bus is equipped with Biometric reader or RFID reader integrated with a GPS system.

  • SMS alert to staff and parents informing their entry and exit.
  • Push SMS,so parents check exact location of the student.
  • Wireless phone also installed

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Library Management

Library Management records the movement of books(issues / returns). The module can be integrated with an RFID system to manage the library without any user intervention.

Health Management(Medical)

This modules keeps a track on the Medical aspects of all the students and the staff.

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