Product Details- Jewellery Management System

The RFID based Jewellery Management System is an end-to-end solution for the jewellers, which is designed to manage the tracking, distribution, sales and flow of jewellery.

The system facilitates automatic and multiple object identification, stock-taking as well as data collection in few seconds, all of which tremendously improves the efficiency of the business process. This system provides a quick access to a detailed inventory with information about which items are selling best hence replenishment of stock.

  RFID Tag
  • Each tag contains a unique identification number.

  • Jewellery Item information can be stored such as Jewellery Item code, name and description, its cost, weight, price, etc.

  RFID System

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  • Each jewellery is tagged with a RFID tag that contains a unique identification number.

  • The tag, when scanned by a reader, the data in the tag is transmitted to an inventory database which runs on a standard PC in the store.

  • The database contains detailed information of each piece of jewellery and by passing the tray consisting of jewellery over the RFID reading pad, a stock check is carried out in few seconds.

  • Inventory Transaction history is recorded and shows in the interface.

   Stock-taking & searching of Jewellery can be effortlessly done by placing Jewellery tray onto the RFID reading pad.

  • Inventory can be taken multiple times throughout the day.

  • Tray by tray stock taking can be undertaken rather than item by item stock taking.

  • Multiple items in a tray can be placed on the RFID reader pad & their information can be read simultaneously.

  • Saves 90% of time for stock taking & enhance the accuracy of your inventory.

  • Every Check In or Check Out from the inventory is recorded.

  • Inventory transaction of different jewellery can be traceable.

  • Items to be billed are placed on the RFID reading pad.

  • RFID System can identify number of items simultaneously.

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